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999 Automation is Europe’s fastest-growing on-line specialist industrial automation supplier. 999 Automation provides 24 hour availability from UK stock of control and automation products from 50 manufacturers including Schneider Electric, Mitsubishi Electric, Omron, Sick, SMC and many more. From controllers to connectors, from robots to relays 999 Automation solutions from the market leaders.

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Omron NX1 Control Kits

We have teamed up with Omron to create some special motion and position control kits for your compact machine. Purchase a kit now and receive a free technical training from Omron's motion control experts at Omron's Milton Keynes location!

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999 Automation adds Phoenix Contact’s Quint and Trio ranges to the 999 Power Supply portfolio already including power supplies from Omron, Weidmuller and Lutze. If you need a PSU or UPS we have the solution.

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ABB advises replacing functioning VSDs, even if they have not failed, depending on the circumstances. But then, they would say that wouldn’t they, as they get to sell another drive. Their arguments are sound, and suggest an old drive could be costing money unnecessarily, compared...


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Hackers and malicious users have traditionally focused on attacking the higher-level business PCs, however now there are some signs they are increasing the scope of their focus to include shop floor systems. To this end, improving shop floor cyber-security has become critical...