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999 Automation is Europe’s fastest-growing on-line specialist industrial automation supplier. 999 Automation provides 24 hour availability from UK stock of control and automation products from 50 manufacturers including Schneider Electric, Mitsubishi Electric, Omron, Sick, SMC and many more. From controllers to connectors, from robots to relays 999 Automation solutions from the market leaders.

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The Schneider Electric Acti 9 iC60 Range offers absolute safety of circuit protection with VisiSafe and greater continuity of service with VisiTrip. It is easy to install with quick, ergonomic & safe IP20B terminal shutters & robust connections. Find the right part for you.

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Special Offer

The Mitsubishi GX Works3 engineering software is sometimes considered a fundamental part of the control system in addition to the hardware components. We have the GX Works3 on special offer for a limited time, save a massive £950.00 today.

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